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Bringing youth together through the transformative power of service.

United by Serving brings together youth of various ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds to build connections through the transformative power of service. We provide youth with the training, resources, and platform to lead service projects that allow them to create impact and learn lifelong skills.

We're working to help youth build stronger connections with their peers, other generations, and their communities. 

Our youth have the opportunity to create and lead service projects related to different campaigns and social causes. Our current campaign is Play for All.

What is Play for All?

Play for All is a set of interventions that seek to ensure that youth, especially low-income and minority youth, have the opportunity to participate in sports or be physically active through noncompetitive play.

Why is this cause important?

Besides being physically healthier, research shows that being physically active helps youth improve academic achievement, increases the likelihood of college attendance, builds better interpersonal skills, and improves mental health. 

Unfortunately, many youth aren’t able to engage in non-competitive play opportunities and/or sports due to ever-rising costs of participation, competitive pressure, and lack of access to quality play spaces (e.g., public courts, recreation centers). Ultimately, because of this access gap, youth unfairly lose opportunities to develop in critical areas.

What work are you doing?

United by Serving is working to close the access gap and improve play equity through initiatives such as sports equipment donation drives, park and basketball court renovations, free sports camps, and more.

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